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When it comes to laundry vinegar is so helpful.  Vinegar helps eliminate odors, stains and even helps with a problem of too many suds.  Are you or an individual that you know needing help with your laundry then this is a tip for you to read?

Is summer sweat ruining the armpits of your shirts?  Your shirts do not have to look dull and yellow not when you can turn to the use of vinegar to get that yellow staining out.  Perspiration or sweat stains are unsightly and can ruin the look of any shirt or dress around but if you want to do away with these tough stains the grab a bottle of apple cider vinegar and lets get started.  Pour the full strength of apple cider vinegar right from the bottle directly on the perspiration stain and then let it stand for an hour or so.  After the stains have been saturated for an hour or more then laundry it in its normal method.  When your shirt is taken out of the washer you will see a great difference.  You will save a bundle of money since your shirt or dress is now stain free there is no need to replace it.

Don�t you hate when you see a person with those ugly white deodorant stains on their shirts under their arms?  Do not get caught with these unsightly white marks under your armpits.  With the use of vinegar you could wipe away these nasty white marks left behind by your deodorant.  Simply put a dab of vinegar on a washcloth the rub it on the spot the deodorant spot will be removed quickly and easily without doing any damage to your clothing.  Always look your best and be aware of these ugly white marks left behind by your deodorant that can easily be removed with little effort.

Reduce the amount of static cling that you have in your dryer by adding one cup of vinegar to your washer when washing a load of clothes.  Washing your clothes with a cup of vinegar will not only help with static but it will make your cloth fresh and clean smelling.  So if you would prefer to have your clothes fresh and static free.

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