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You can also drive away dust mites when you pour one gallon of white vinegar into your mop water and then mop the area.  This will also keep the area shiny and clean.  If you have a bigger problem with other bugs or the worse roaches, remember this idea.  Spray roaches and bugs with vinegar.  Unlike commercial bug spray, vinegar has no toxic chemicals, which can be harmful to humans, pets, or furniture.  Always have a spray bottle with some on hand.  Vinegar is safe to spay anywhere you see the pets.  You can spray your counter tops, furniture or even around food.

If you have a slug problem, drop a few drops of vinegar on them and you can watch them dissolve.  Just be careful not to get the vinegar on any sensitive plants because it will kill them. 

The best solution to getting rid of insects or bugs is to keep some ready and in a spray bottle.  You can even give yourself a little squirt in the summer to keep the bugs off you.

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