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Last but not least is cleaning the grout in your bathroom.  Many times the grout in the bathroom gets moldy or very dirty and stained looking but if you try using an old toothbrush dipped in a bowl of vinegar you could clean the grouted area but be sure to press somewhat harder in areas that have more stains or mold and apply less pressure in areas with little or no staining.  Grouted areas can be very difficult to clean but with the help of vinegar you will have your grout looking like you just had it installed in your bathroom.

After reading these tips pick out the ones that are most likely going to be helpful for you or use them all just like I do.  Using them all will keep your bathroom clean, shining and running smoothly.  Having a clean bathroom will have your houseguest talking for months to come.

Try using apple cider vinegar in your bathroom for all your cleaning jobs including the toughest.   You will experience a clean and spot free bathroom when using vinegar including everything from the medicine cabinet mirror, soap scum in the tub, opening clogged and slow running drains, shinning faucets and even the walls.  Be sure to stock up on a case of vinegar on your next tip to the grocery store.

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