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After a long and rewarding day of fishing you just may have a fishy smell on your hands that you just canít seem to get rid of no matter how much you have tried.  Fishing is so relaxing so you stand the smell to get your relaxation that you so much deserve.  Well you can get that smell off of your hand so you can enjoy fishing any time you would like and not have to worry about the smell that your fish has left behind on your hands.  Simply wash your hands in apple cider vinegar by pouring it over your hands and rubbing it in.  After rubbing it in for a few minutes rinse well with warm water, which will remove any trace of fish, smell that you had on your hands.

Cooking fish in your home could have your kitchen smelling fishy.  Remove this smell by wiping all cutting boards, counter top, table and any area in which fish has came in contact with a mixture of warm water and one cup of vinegar.  To remove the smell from the air place a bowl filled vinegar in the room with the odor and let is set for twenty-four hours.  After the twenty-four hours your room will be odor free and fresh smelling once again.

No matter how you plan on preparing your fish using vinegar will help enhance the flavor and give it a tender texture that only vinegar can give you.  You will find use of vinegar helpful from the time you go fishing, cooking the fish and up until the time you clean up the kitchen.  What else is so great about using vinegar is its inexpensiveness.  Just one bottle of vinegar will give you a multipurpose cleaner and cooking aid so stock up on vinegar and you will be less likely to run out.

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