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Vinegar has a way of adding an exciting new flavor to any food.  Using vinegar is very useful when it comes to scaling fish, sprucing up the taste of canned fish, cooking tender fish and adding flavor to your baked fish for a great taste, Read the following tips to help you make the most delicious fish using vinegar.

If you live with an avid fisherman then scaling fish are a job to be expected but using this step to make scaling easier by using vinegar.    First of all rub vinegar onto the fish for five minutes.  Try rubbing this vinegar onto the fish about five minutes before your ready to start scaling the fish.  When you are ready to scale the fish you will find that your job had been made much easier with vinegar. 

Do you eat a lot of canned fish and shrimp and are you getting tired of its taste?  Canned fish and shrimp sometimes taste less fresh than we would like.  You can change that taste and you will be looking at your canned fish or shrimp in a whole new light.  Adding a mixture of cooking sherry and two tablespoons of vinegar you will spruce up the taste of that canned fish and shrimp.  Your canned fish and shrimp will have a zesty fresh taste as opposed to that canned taste that you have been eating for sometime.

Eating fish is a very health way of eating since it is packed with protein and loads of vitamins.  Sometimes when making fish you start to look for a new kind of taste but what?  Get your fish tasting sweet and tender with the use of vinegar.  One hour before you plan on cooking your fish soak it in a vinegar and water mixture.  After an hour remove the fish from the vinegar and water mixture and cook the fish as you usually would.  The vinegar will make your fish tender along with adding a sweet taste to give you a different tasting dish. 

Many people use lemon to cook their fish in but another way to get your fish tasting great is by the use of vinegar.  Instead of using lemon on your fish add three to four tablespoons of vinegar to you fish then bake it as you would normally.  The vinegar adds tenderness and a zesty flavor to your fish so drop the lemons and add the vinegar.

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