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Many times you may have a sore throat that stands alone without the cold symptoms that you are trying to ease.  A sore throat may be the only symptom that you experience which can be soothed with vinegar.  To soothe a sore throat first you must take one teaspoon of vinegar and mix it with a glass of water.  After mixing the ingredients together simply take the mixture and gargle.  After gargling the solution you should swallow it.

I know the vinegar mixture doesn’t taste very good so to help you swallow this mixture simply put one teaspoon of honey into the mixture and stir.  The honey will help the mixture taste more appealing so after you are done gargling you can swallow the mixture without any terrible taste.

Many cold medications can cost a small fortune so making a cold medication out of vinegar is a more reasonable solution.  We never seem to have cold medications on hand since colds seems to come at odd times and when we are least expecting them.  You can always be prepared since most homes have vinegar on hand in their kitchen pantry.

I use this cold remedy all the time since I would much rather use something more natural rather than medications and over the counter drugs especially on my children.  Using vinegar and honey to help ease our colds is a must in our house since I do not want my children having any kind of side effects that could take place when taking over the counter medications.

If your symptoms seem to last for more than a few days you may want to go to your family doctor to make sure the symptom are not more than just a simple cold.  Same it true if you have a sore throat.  Most sore throats will be just a small irritation but if the problem persists then it may be something more serious.

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