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Having a cold and all the symptoms can be such a drag.  If you are like me you probably hate to get out of bed and wish you could just sleep the cold away.  But in the real world life does not work that way.  Taking cold medications just might not be an option for many of us since most cold medications has side affects that have an effect on the way we function.

Many can cause drowsiness, which could limit the amount of physical activities that we do in the day.  The next time you get cold symptoms such as a stuffy nose, running nose, watering eyes, sore throat and other unwanted symptoms that you do not want to take medication for but wish there was something that could relieve the symptoms without causing any side effects.

If you have been being bothered by a cough, nasal congestion, and other flu like symptoms do to the common cold or allergies, than you just may want to try a very, very inexpensive solution to help eliminate or limit these symptoms.  A vinegar mixture just may be the cure that you are looking for.  For just a few cents you can have a great working cold medication that is much cheaper then most common cold medications available on the market.  Take a mixture of one-quarter cup of vinegar and one-quarter cup of honey.  Mix these two ingredients together to make a syrupy mixture. 

You will need to drink all of the mixture to help relieve the symptoms of a common cold.  This type of mixture may be taken up to eight times of day.  This mixture works well in fighting off common cold symptoms but unlike the medications available on the market you will not have the side affects that comes along with them.  This is a great and inexpensive way to fight off your cold symptoms.  I found that if I heat the vinegar and honey mixture for just a few seconds in the microwave then you would have a warm and soothing drink.

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