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Around the House
If you are a handy man at home and your radiator a clogged valve, clean it with vinegar.  First, shut off the valve and turn it counter clockwise to remove it.  Place the valve in a pan of vinegar and boil it on top of the stove for twenty minutes.  By then the calcium deposits clogging the valve will be dissolved.

Another good tip for at home is if you soak your new propane lantern wicks in vinegar for several hours, and then let them dry, they will burn longer and brighter.  Over a period, wicker furniture can become out of shape.  This is due to the wicker stretching. Here is a tip you can use for rejuvenating your wicker items.  If your wicker is starting to sag, sponge the cane with a solution of half vinegar and half water.  Place the chairs out in the hot sun to dry.  You will find that the sag with tighten up and this will save you from buying new furniture.

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