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If you are a crafty or handy person and like to make your own crafts or like to fix things or work on things yourself, vinegar can help you do that.  You probably already know that materials for crafts or small jobs around the house can be expensive.  Use some of these vinegar ideas to help you get what you need done and also save you on the expense.

If you are painting something and you get paint on glass or around a window, then you know how hard it can be to get it off.  The fix is simple!  Just heat some vinegar on the stove and use a cloth to wipe away the paint.  You can also use boiling vinegar to clean hardened acrylic paints from paintbrushes.  Just be sure not to soak them too long because it could loosen the hairs on the brushes too!  

If you want to be crafty and make your own wood stain, all you need is some vinegar.  White vinegar can be mixed with water-based links to make a wonderful stain for wood.  The resulting finish is the color of the tint with a silvery shine.  Pour vinegar into a mixing jar, add the ink until the desired color achieved and apply to wood with a brush or rag.  Just wipe off the excess and let it dry.  Since the bulk of the mixture is vinegar, there is less chance of the wood warping. 

If your kids like to paint with watercolors, but go thru, them quickly try this recipe to save you money.  This recipe makes a great substitute for the expensive ones in the store. 

Mix the following ingredients:

� 1 tablespoon white or cider vinegar
� 2 tablespoons baking powder
� 1 table spoon corn flour
� 1 teaspoon glycerin
� 2 drops of food coloring
� 1 teaspoon water

Mix the vinegar and baking powder together in a small bowl add the corn flour and glycerin when the baking powder stops foaming.  Stir in the food coloring and add water if the solution seems to stiff.  Store in a tightly sealed jar or plastic container.

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