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When working with crafts you may end up with a mess and a half but who cares?  With the use of vinegar you can get your craft area cleaned up in no time at all.  Gluing, pasting and painting are all things that go right along with any kind of crafts.  At times things just may get glued that we really didnt want to get glued such as paper to the table, craft beads glued in containers, strings or cords glued in unwanted places and many other things but with the use of vinegar you can get these unwanted glued items removed in no time at all.  Pour straight vinegar onto the item as the vinegar soaks into the glue it will loosing and the item will be come free and could e wiped down with out intense scrubbing.

Paintbrushes are an important part of a crafters inventory.  Unlike many items that are disposable paintbrushes are not.  A paintbrush can be use and re-used many times with the proper care.  If you would like to preserve the life of your paintbrush then follow these steps to care for you brushes.  Clean out your paintbrush with hot vinegar after each use.  Next you will need to clean the brush with warm soapy water and then let dry until the next use.  This will lengthen the life of your brushes ultimately saving you money.

When you are done with your craft center you could clean up with the help of vinegar.  By adding two tablespoons of vinegar to one quart of warm water you can clean up your area with out the use of cleaners that have toxic chemicals.  Wipe your area up in the same method that you would use when using cleaning solutions.  Using vinegar is very effective and efficient so stock up with a few bottles of vinegars on your next trip to the grocery store.

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