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Are you an avid crafter?  Doing crafts is fun for both young and old a like.  Read on and you will get a few helpful tips on clean up, removing paint, removing glued items, and more.  These tips all use the help of vinegar so there are no expensive products to buy or needless chemicals to use since vinegar is non-toxic, all natural, reasonably priced and effective product.  You can use vinegar in more ways than just these that I mention in this article.

Have you tried your hand at painting only to find that you should have left it to the professionals?  Did you get the paint on your woodwork and windows?  If this is the situation then don�t fret I will give you a tip using vinegar that will remove that unwanted paint leaving your woodwork and windows free from the unwanted paint.  First you will need to have a bottle of apple cider vinegar on hand then heat a small amount up in a pan on the stove top.  After the apple cider vinegar has been warmed up dip a cleaning rag into the vinegar and go to work.  Simply wipe the paint off the windows and woodwork.  With the use of apple cider vinegar you will not have any scrubbing or scrapping to do.

Restoring stained and varnished areas in your home.  Are your doors, trim and woodwork looking dull and old looking?  If so try this simple step to brighten and have your woodwork, trim and doors looking years newer which will add more value to your house.  Follow these simple steps to give your stained and varnished woodwork, trim and doors a new look (this also works good for dressers, end tables and any piece of furniture that has a stained and varnish finish).  First mix one tablespoon of vinegar with one quart of warm water.  Gently rub the solution with a soft cloth.  After washing the areas gently dry the woodwork with a lint free rag for a perfect shine.  You will be truly amazed at the life that the vinegar has brought back to your woodwork.

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