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If you donít have an electric scrubber to scrub up your carpet you can take a brush dampened with vinegar then brush over the carpet.  This will clean your carpet, brighten up its look and remove any stains that are in your carpet.  This method will take you quite a long time to complete but will be very effective.  If you donít have a scrubber or the time to scrub your carpet with a brush than rent a carpet-scrubbing machine for a few dollars.  You also can add vinegar along with carpet cleaning solution in a rented carpet scrubber.

Vinegar is also a great way to cut down on too many suds in a carpet scrubber.  If too many suds is a problem that you are having then add a half of cup of vinegar to each quart of water and scrubbing solution you are using.  This will cut the amount of suds and will also help remove tough stains and build up that is in your carpet. 

You will be surprised how wonderful vinegar will work for your carpet.  It works better than most leading carpet cleaning solutions and is a very economical product that wonít upset your budget as many of the other carpet cleaning solutions do.  So on your next trip to the store stock up on vinegar and have it on hand at all times.  Carpet spills will no longer be a big deal!

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