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If you have children then you probably have spills in your living room.  It never fails with kids comes messes and carpet stains.  Although you long for the day that you can have a beautiful stain free carpet it may just be years away.  Let me tell you that even after the kids have grown you�ll still find that you have many spills and carpet stains put there by your grandchildren.  But I�m sure you wouldn�t have it any other way.  Well maybe even with the children and grandchildren around you can have a beautiful stain-free carpet.

Fight those tough stains and spills that end up in your carpet with a cheap and inexpensive solution.  That�s right for less than a dollar you can clean up that spill and have that carpet that you want.  Clean up will be easy and quick with very little scrubbing.  Are you wondering what this cheap and effective product is?  It is a cheap bottle of vinegar, which is very economical and will be very effective in cleaning up your carpet.  Follow some of these easy tips for cleaning up spills and keeping your carpet clean and smelling fresh.

First we need to conquer the spills as they happen before stains set which will make your clean up a little more difficult then the clean up would be if done right away.  To clean up those tough spills whether it be soda or coffee take a clean cloth dampened with vinegar and dab the spill to clean up most of the liquid.  As you are dabbing the area you are leaving the vinegar on the carpet to help remove the stain.  After you have most of the liquid absorbed than get a clean cloth and add more vinegar to the cloth.  With cold water and the vinegar cloth gently rub the spill until the carpet is spotless.  Stay away from using warm or hot water to clean up the spill.  It does seem like the most effective way of cleaning up but the warm or hot water will set the stains into your carpet so always use cool or cold water to clean up these spills.  So for less than a dollar remove those spills from your carpet cheap and effortless. 

Are you planning to scrub your carpet for spring-cleaning or for fall?  If carpet cleaning is in your near future than you may want to consider using an economical solution to help get those tough stains out that normal carpet cleaning solutions doesn�t seem to want to remove.  By adding just one simple cup of vinegar to your carpet cleaning solution will leave you with a clean stain-free carpet.  The ingredients in the vinegar will break down any stains that normal carpet cleaner has trouble removing alone.  Your carpet will be brighter, stain-free and cleaner than it�s ever been.

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