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For sensitive skin you could prevent a skin infections caused by rashes just pour some vinegar into your bath water.  Soak in a tub of warm water mixed with vinegar this will keep bacteria form forming infections or starting to rash.  This is a great solution for somebody that has very sensitive skin.

If the winter months dry out your skin try healing it with vinegar.  By rubbing a mixture of half water and half vinegar onto the dried area such as hand and feet you will begin the healing process in no time at all.  To promote the quick healing process first soak in a tub of warm water mixed with vinegar this is a much easier way of getting all your skin to clear up and soften.

Do you have nasty warts on your hands or feet?  If you answered yes to having warts then rid your hands and feet from the warts now.  Clear the warts on your hands and feet with a mixture of one part vinegar and one part glycerine.  Apply this mixture daily until the warts dissolve leaving your hands or feet clear and wart free.

As you can see with the use of vinegar you can care for your feet and hands for just a few cents.  Using vinegar is an all-natural and chemical free way of tending to warts, corns, calluses, dry skin and the list goes on from here.  Try stocking up on vinegar on your next trip to the store so you always have it on hand.

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