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Your hands and feet are so frequently used that at times they look and feel much older than they really are.  Caring for your hands and feet can be easy and relatively cheap with the use of vinegar.

As we get older and age we can get what is called age spots.  Age spots are light brown spots that come with age.  These spots can be removed by using store bought creams for age spots but why use these very expensive creams when you can reduce the signs of aging for just a few cents.  All you need to do reduce age spots is a mixture of equal parts of onion juice and vinegar.  The most effective way to remove age spots is to rub this mixture on your age spots daily.  Do not expect results over night, it will take a few weeks to work but it does work just like the very expensive creams that are available at your local pharmacy.  The advantage of choosing vinegar over the expensive creams that fight off age spots is the difference in price and the all-natural chemical free way of removing age spots without any side effects.

Treat yourself to a home pedicure.  Why spend a fortune at the salon or spa when you can treat yourself to your own at home pedicure for free and get the same results.  Start your pedicure off with a bucket of six cups of water mixed with one half cup of vinegar.  Soak your feet in the vinegar mixture this will soften your feet the same way as it would if you spent a fortune on a pedicure.  This will also work great on your hands and rough elbow skin.  Before you know it your hands, feet and elbows will be looking and feeling softer than ever before.

Many people suffer from corns and calluses on their feet which sometimes can be very painful.  Before you start buying expensive medicines claiming to remove corns and calluses try using something much less expensive and equally if not more effective in eliminating nasty corns and calluses from your feet.  Prior to going to bed soak a piece of stale bread or material in vinegar then place the bread or material on the corn or calluses and tape in place with a bandage or bandage tape.  Repeat these steps every night before going to bed and after a few consecutive nights you will see the corn or calluses just starting to peel away.  You�ll love this solution to getting rid of unsightly, not to mention, somewhat painful corns and calluses.  After trying vinegar on your corns and calluses you will start to recommend it to all your friends.

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