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If you have dentures, leave them in vinegar for as long as you would leave them in a denture cleaner, usually about fifteen minutes to a half an hour or longer.  Brush them thoroughly and your dentures will be cleaner and whiter than any store bought cleaner would do.  Not to mention, you will save a bundle on the cost.  Use vinegar on under arms and other areas of the body as a natural deodorant.  This will not stop you from perspiring, but it will neutralize the odor.  In addition, vinegar will not leave those embarrassing white marks on your clothes.

Vinegar and water also make a great solution for manicures and pedicure.  Soak your hands and feet in this mixture and your skin will be soft and smooth.  Nail polish will go on smoother and stay on longer if you do this before applying it.

These tricks with vinegar will not only save you time but will save you money.  If you try some of these ideas, you will see that vinegar works just as well if not better than some of those ingredients that you cannot even pronounce in the store brand.

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