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There are so many ways to use vinegar at home for your own personal beauty secrets.  You do not have to pay those high beauty store prices for all your beauty needs when you can make the same quality products at home with vinegar.

You can use vinegar as an after shampoo hair rinse.  Vinegar neutralizes alkali left by shampoos.  You will not believe how your hair will shine if you do this a few times a month. If you color your own hair, vinegar is a definite must have.  When you rinse, rinse with warm water and then dilute white vinegar with cold water for the final rinse.  This seals your color so that it does not fade out as fast.

 You can also make your own facial toner with vinegar.  Mix half water and half vinegar with a few aspirin.  The acid in the vinegar will force old skin cells to flake off much like the store bought alpha hydroxy products.  You use the aspirin because it is a good anti-acne solution. Splash this mixture on your face and let it air dry.  This will keep your face moisturized and feeling refreshed.   A great way to fade age spots is to mix equal parts of onion juice and vinegar and use it daily.  It will take a few weeks to work, but so do the expensive brands in the store. 

If you suffer from corns and calluses, then this is a remedy that you will want to remember.  Soak a piece of stale bread or a cloth in vinegar and tape it over the callus or corn overnight.  You will not believe the relief that you get from this.  If you have painful and irritating varicose veins, vinegar is good treatment for you.  If you splash vinegar on your varicose veins, it will reduce the pain and swelling of the veins.

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