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Vinegar tips - Remove tea stains on carpets with vinegar

Remove tea stains on carpets with vinegar

Tea stains can happen any where through the house as we drink our tea wherever it is most comfortable. If you have a tea spill, tea stain, you can bring it up with these cleaning tips:

Blot up any excess tea liquid using paper towels or cloths. Do not push the liquid making the stain bigger, just blot up the liquid. 

You should neutralize the tea stain using a mixture of a cup of water and a half-cup of clear white vinegar. Spray on the vinegar mixture and blot up to remove the tea stain. Repeat as long as you are bringing up additional coloring from the tea stain. 

If you find that you still have any tea coloring in your carpet, use a mixture of a cup of water and a tablespoon of clear bleach free dish liquid. Spray this mixture on and blot up to bring out more of the tea stain in your carpet. 

Rinse the carpeting, bringing out the dish liquid and more of the tea stain using a warm water spray and blotting up the liquid. If your carpeting is too wet, use your wet dry vac to bring out excess moisture. 

Allow the area to dry for about an hour and then re-examine the carpet stain. 

If a portion of the stain remains in the carpeting, use a spray of peroxide and dab the carpeting to bring out any remaining tea stains.

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