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Vinegar tips - Remove a Beer stain with vinegar

Remove a Beer stain with vinegar

Entertaining in the home can sometimes lead to beer stains on the carpeting. Even if the stain is dry, you can still get it out for a great clean carpet.

When the beer stain is still wet, you should blot it up with a paper towel or clean cloth. Blotting is just dabbing not wiping the area hard, just gently pushing the towel on the wet area. Using a spray bottle, add a cup of vinegar and two cups of cool water. Spray the beer stain with this mixture and continue to blot up the beer in the carpeting. The vinegar will neutralize the beer stain and the odor as well.

If you have found a dry beer stain, try using regular dish washing liquid mixed with water to blot up the stain. Be sure to use a liquid that does not contain bleach or you could take the color out of the carpet. As you are working out this dried beer stain, be sure to keep changing your towels as you are cleaning so you are not putting any of the beer back into the carpet as you continue cleaning it up.

After cleaning the beer stain and you happen to find that you still have a little of that difficult stain in the carpet spray the area with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Be sure to let the peroxide stay on the carpet for at least half an hour to an hour and then blot it up. Peroxide will actually turn to water when in the sunlight so there is no chance that it will lighten your carpet coloring and this will work great pulling up the beer stains.

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