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Vinegar tips - Remove Wine stains with vinegar

Remove Wine stains with vinegar

Wine spills on the carpeting can be a very dark stain. Work out your wine stain with these great tips:

When you have spilled wine on the carpeting, blot up as fast as you can, getting all the liquid possible out of the carpet before doing anything else. Continue using a clean dry cloth and blotting the area until you are not able to bring out any more liquid.

To work on the wine, stain fast; use a spray bottle with a � cup of white clear vinegar and a cup of cool water. Spray this over the area and wet the carpet, then using paper towels soak up the vinegar and water mixture from the stained area. Continue to do this as long as you see you are bringing additional coloring out of the carpeting from the wine stain. After you see that you are not bringing any additional coloring out of the carpeting from the wine, keep dabbing the area until you have brought out as much moisture from the vinegar mixture that you can.

If you find that there is coloring in the carpet from the wine stain, use a spray mixture of two cups of water, and two tablespoons of color free, bleach free dish liquid. Spray this on the stained area and work lightly in with your fingers to work out deep stains. As the stain is lightening, rinse the stained area with clear water and paper towels. Blot the moisture out until you don�t have any more suds coming from the carpeting.

After rinsing out the carpeting, and you have been blotting the area to bring out all the moisture, let the carpet dry for about an hour to see if the stain is completely gone.

If you find that the stain is still in the carpeting, spray with peroxide and work this in with your fingers. Wet the carpet enough with the spray until the peroxide has reached the deepest stains. Blot this just once or twice and let it sit for another hour. After the peroxide has evaporated a bit, re-spray and blot to remove any remaining stains.

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