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Vinegar tips - Multi throat vinegar based remedy

Multi throat vinegar based remedy

I had a friend who lost her voice on a regular basis and said it usually returns in a week, she tried this recipe and regained her voice in a day or two. This has also worked on all sorts of throat ailments from tonsils to sore throats to coughs in the upper throat. our extended family have used it for years with success.

For all throat ailments use 1 sip every 10 minutes or as needed if feeling better usually for 2 days max.

put the following in a microwave safe cup (I will list the mild - max, mild I had used for my kids and new people that may not handle the stronger max.)

Red Pepper AKA Cayenne 1/16 tea (a few grains)- 1/4 tea.

Powdered Ginger 1/8 tea - 1/4 tea.

Honey (preference Fireweed) 1 - 2 TAB, depending on how sweet you like it.

Lemon juice (fresh or concentrate) 2 Tab.

Vinegar (Garlic red wine or raspberry My preference but apple cider vinegar ok.) 2 TAB.

Place cup in microwave for no more then 10 seconds at a time, first time over heat to bubbling let cool on spoon as you blow to cool. You will want to drizzle it down your throat trying not to swallow it, the key is to let it work on your throat not your stomach. re-heat for 10 seconds every 10 min or as needed. really works well. 

Final note if too strong can add 1-2 Tablespoons of water but please try not to dilute.

Get well soon.

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