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Fighting off germs is a necessary step when it comes to staying healthy.  Chase away colds and ease the pain of sore throats caused by colds with the all-natural use of vinegar.  Vinegar is all natural so there are no side effects as with the use of prescription or over the counter cold medications.  Most of these medications have side effects that make you drowsy which is hard to take when you have little children to care for, also people with heart trouble, high blood pressure and other illnesses should not take any of these over the counter medications without first consulting their health care provider.  Vinegar is all-natural and has no side effects.

Chase away a cold by using vinegar as an alternative method to over the counter medications.  Mix one-quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with one-quarter cup of honey.  Take the entire mixture to fight off a cold and all its symptoms.  This vinegar mixture can be taken up to eight times a day. 

Another effective way to chase away a cold with the use of vinegar is to follow these steps:  The first step is to cut an eight-inch square from a brown paper bag such as a lunch bag.  Soak the brown paper in apple cider vinegar until it is saturated.  Remove the brown paper from the apple cider vinegar and sprinkle one side of it with pepper.  Next step is to bind the brown paper (with the pepper side against the skin) to the chest with cloth strips.  Keep the brown paper in place for about twenty minutes.  After twenty minutes remove the paper and wash the chest with warm water taking great care not to get chilled.  This method is great if you can take some time and lie down for the twenty minutes that the brown paper is working.

At times we get a dry cough that is very different than one associated with a cold or flu.  This cough can be very dry and incredibly nagging but could be relieved with the use of vinegar.  Soothe the cough by sprinkling the pillowcase with apple cider vinegar.  You will clear up that dry hacking cough with one simple step and with a very cheap method.

Relieve a low-grade fever by mixing four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a gallon of drinking water.  You could drink up to a gallon of this vinegar mixture a day to reduce your fever and have you feeling fine in no time at all.

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