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If you are looking to add some calcium to your diet then try using this tip to make a mixture very high in calcium.  Create your own calcium drink by using eggshells. Collect and rinse out the eggshells in which you have used the eggs.  After collecting up the clean eggshells soak them in apple cider vinegar until they dissolve which usually takes a few days.  After the eggshells are dissolved use as a drink that is very high is calcium.  Keep your bones healthy by adding a lot of calcium to your diet and one way to do that is by making this fantastic drink loaded with calcium.  Since you are using eggshells and inexpensive apple cider vinegar you will be getting your calcium at very little cost.

Try adding a touch of apple cider vinegar to your hard-boiled eggs as they start boiling.  This will prevent them from cracking but if by chance one does manage to crack than the vinegar will prevent the egg from spill out.  Using apple cider vinegar will ensure that your hard-boiled eggs will be perfect each and every time that you make them. 

Whether you are trying to get perfect poached eggs, great hard-boiled eggs, needing a substitute for eggs or making a drink high in calcium than using apple cider vinegar is the answer to each of your egg problems.  Get the best eggs with apple cider vinegar so stock up on your supply the next time you go shopping.

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