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Another garden salad favorite is a cucumber salad.  When making a cucumber salad you will need several cucumbers and an onion.  Thinly slice all the cucumbers and the onion then place both in a bowl together.  Soak the onion and cucumber mix in salt water for an hour or more.  After the mixture has soaked drain the water completely, then add a can of evaporated milk and water (this mixture should cover the cucumbers and onions.  After the milk and water is added you will need to add vinegar to make the milk sour (add as much vinegar to make it taste sour).  The amount of each will greatly depend on the amount of cucumbers that you add to the salad, in due time you will learn the taste and will be familiar with the measurements.

Cucumber salad is just one of the different kind of salads that you can get out of your garden and could be made more tasty by adding the flavor of vinegar.  The dressings you make out of vinegar could be added to the leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, head lettuce, endive and many other kinds of lettuce that come fresh from the garden that you planted and tended too.  Adding different homemade dressings are easy and cheap to make and add a succulent taste that regular salad dressings just can�t get. 

Vinegar is not just a tasty dressing but an all natural ingredient that helps prevent many types of aliments so by adding vinegar to your foods such as salad dressings you are adding years to your life and just may help you drop a few pounds since vinegar can help burn carbohydrates faster.  So by making your salad dressings out of vinegar you will be eating less fat on your salad, adding an all natural ingredient and eating healthy which will help you lose weight and lower your blood pressure.

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