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For bruises and swelling, follow the directions above, but use cold water.  You can hold the compress in place with an ace bandage.  Leave on for an hour, or the longer you leave it one the better the result.

Rinse you fruits and vegetable in vinegar water instead of buying the expensive washes in the store.  Rinse your meat and chicken in vinegar before cooking to kill any bacteria on the food.  Do this to your cutting boards or food preparation areas too. 

One teaspoon of vinegar will get rid of your annoying hiccups in a hurry.  Vinegar is also a great abrasion healer.  It will stop infections in any cut or abrasion before it starts.  Vinegar is also a great relief of sunburns or burn in the kitchen.  Put vinegar on the affected area and you will feel the relief in no time.  Put some vinegar on a cloth and hold it on the area if your have a burn from the kitchen and you will not get a blister. 

For sinus problems when the weather starts changing and you get a nagging cough, take two tablespoons of any kind of vinegar and that cough will go away.

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