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The method of soaking your beans in water and apple cider vinegar can be used on several different types of beans.  The water and apple cider vinegar mixture can be used for beans such as baby lima beans, black eyed beans, lintels, split pea and garbanzo beans to name just a few types.

This is how I make my ham and bean soup.  The night before I soak a bag of baby lima beans in about three cups of water mixed with about a fourth of a cup of apple cider vinegar (these measurements will greatly depend on the amount of beans that you intend to cook.  The next day after soaking for hours the beans should be removed from the refrigerator, drained and rinsed off thoroughly.  I then boil my ham for an hour or more (by adding a ham bone will give your soup a great flavor).  After the ham has boiled I then add the baby lima beans to the ham flavored water.  The beans take less time to cook since we have soaked them in the water and apple cider vinegar mixture the night before.  After the beans have cooked add a little milk and butter to the soup this will add a little color and flavor to the soup broth.  Dough balls also can be added to the bean soup for a delicious tasting soup.  The dough balls can be made by mixing eggs, flours and salt together then dropping them by little rounded teaspoons into the boiling soup. 

Try this soup and you will also agree that it is a great tasting soup.  Using the water and apple cider vinegar mixture you can start to enjoy any of your favorite beans or as the old riddle goes “the American Fruit” without all the gassy tooting.

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