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Smokey odors also can be removed easily from clothing by hanging them in the shower and pouring vinegar in the bottom of the tub along with hot water.  The vinegar steam rising up from the bottom of the tub will pull the smoke smell out in no time at all.  After enjoying an evening out at a night club your clothes will be left smelling like smoke which could be expensive if you are wearing a dry clean only outfit.  So for just pennies you can remove the smoke smell on all your fine washables including your coat and dry clean only items.

Take care of all your fine washables as stated in the paragraph above but handle your machine washable items in a different manner.  Sort you clothing as you wash as would normally but add two cups of vinegar to the wash cycle of each load of clothes that you are trying to remove the smell of smoke from.  Your clothes will come out of the washer clean and fresh smell without any traces of smoke left.

Vinegar is the most cost efficient and effective way of removing any kind of odors from anything that you have including cars, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and clothing just to name a few so keep a bottle or two of vinegar on hand at all times.

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