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Have you ever been in the middle of cooking only to realize that you have ran out of meat tenderizer?  With out adding a meat tenderizer to your meat you just may end up with a very tuff piece of meat.  The next time you run out of meat tenderizer try substituting some thing cheap and effective in tenderizing your beef and steak.

After trying this method of tenderizing your meat you may never go back to your old brand of meat tenderizer.  All that is needed when you want to tenderize your meat such as beef, steak or other types of meat is vinegar.  If you are making ribs, steaks, roast beef or meats for soup than you just might need to add a little tenderizer to the meat to keep them tender and juicy.  You can add a meat tenderizer to your ribs or roast all for just a few pennies.  The tenderizer that I am talking about is probably available in your own kitchen pantry for just a few pennies.  Simply by adding just one tablespoon of vinegar to your meat when boiling your ribs or meats for soup will make the toughest of meat tender and mouth watering.

I have virtually quit purchasing and using the regular store bought meat tenderizer since I tried using one tablespoon of vinegar, which works so much better then meat tenderizers.  The vinegar actually works so well that even the toughest of meat will melt in your mouth after falling of the bone.  By using vinegar just once you will see how easy, inexpensive and effective it works in tenderizing your meat.

What works best when cooking meats for soup such as beef stew boil the stew meat and add one tablespoon of vinegar into the water, the vinegar will go to work on the meat and make it tender and soft.  Same goes for beef or steak just add one tablespoon of vinegar to the water when baking your roast beef or steak and you could have a roast beef sandwich that you can cut with ease and have the meat melt in your mouth.  Don�t worry about the taste of vinegar being in your meat you are adding just a small amount but enough to work wonders.

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