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Do you have rabbits, chickens or even horses than you will find this article useful?  With the use of vinegar you can help take care of your pets and keep them healthy and happy.  You will find that using vinegar to help take car of your pets will be easy and easy on the pocket.

We will start with the horses first so if you have horses or know someone who does this just maybe the solution you are looking for.  When owning horses we know that flies can be a common problem for them.  I always pitied my horses when the flies would swarm around and they would swing their tails to try and get them off or stomp their feet to shoo away the flies.  I found a cheap and very easy way in which to keep the flies away from my horses and this just might help you too.

I started to add one fourth of a cup of vinegar to the horses grain every day and this started to keep the flies away.  When the horses eat the grain mixed with vinegar its coat will take on a scent that is unpleasant to flies so they tend to keep their distant.  Now don�t fret this scent is not noticeable to you and will not bother your horses in fact my horse seemed happier and I know if he could of thanked me he would of as yours will too.  You will see a big difference in your horses behavior when you start to give your horse vinegar mixed with grain.

Caring for chickens are rather easy although they can get rather messy.  If you have chickens and often wonder how you can get the watering containers clean and free from mold then this is an article for you.  Keeping pets watering containers clean and free from mold is rather hard especially when it comes to chickens.  Cleaning these watering container have just gotten easy when using vinegar.  Simply soak the watering containers in warm or hot water and add some vinegar.

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