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In today�s world we want try to eliminate as much medications as possible.  Using an all-natural alternative to heal and prevent illnesses is much more appealing to people living today.  The side effects that some medications can cause could be much more severe than the illness itself.

Symptoms from a common cold are just one illness that can be relieved by an all-natural substance such as vinegar.  That is right something so inexpensive as vinegar can relieve symptoms that come along with a common cold.  So if you want to join millions of other individuals that are choosing to go all natural try this alternative method for treating a common cold then try mixing one-quarter cup apple cider vinegar with one-quarter cup of honey.  To relieve the symptoms cause by the common cold take the entire mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey.  To help fight off the cold and get relief from the symptoms you can take the mixture up to eight times a day.  With this easy and inexpensive mixture of vinegar and honey you will create a cold medication that will relieve your symptoms with out making you drowsy, as most over the counter cold medications will leave you feeling. 

If you suffer reoccurring sinus problem and hate the side effects that over the counter medications and prescriptions drug cause than switch to an all-natural chemical free way of relieving the symptoms.  Relieve sinus pressure and pain by adding one fourth of a cup to a half of a cup of vinegar to your vaporizer.  If you do not own a vaporizer than you can also add one fourth of a cup to a half of a cup of vinegar to a pan of steaming water for the same relief that you would get with a vaporizer.  Use this same method when your allergies act up in the spring and fall.  You can choose a vinegar vapor to relieve sinus flare-ups instead of chemical medications that can have reactions such as drowsiness and other likely side effects.

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