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Vinegar tips - Apple cider vinegar and your Kidneys and Bladder

Apple cider vinegar and your Kidneys and Bladder

Due to the eliminative nature of Apple cider vinegar, your kidneys and bladder can benefit tremendously by a 'flushing', which they receive when the following cider vinegar therapy is undertaken: two teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar in a glass of water six times a day. It would be beneficial to drink a couple of glasses of water in the morning, taking one teaspoonful of Apple cider vinegar in each drink.

Comfrey tea, first thing in the morning with a teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar will also create a sufficient cleansing action. Inflammation of the kidneys, called pyelitis, in which pus cells are present in the urine, will generally clear up with the above-mentioned treatment.

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