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Adding a splash of vinegar to your cooking will give your foods a great new flavor that everyone will love.  Vinegar has a way of enhancing the textures and flavors of meats, potatoes, vegetables and many other types of food.  Vinegar not only enhancing the flavors it is also a very helpful ingredient when cooking hard-boiled egg, tenderizing meats and boiling pasta.  What is so wonderful about adding or using vinegar in your cooking is the fact that you are actually adding protein, a smidge of carbohydrates and loads of vitamins and minerals.  Vinegar is an all-natural substance so when adding it to your foods you are not adding any artificial ingredients or flavors to your food.

Hard-boiled eggs are among one of the most popular ways in which to cook eggs.  If you prefer to hard-boil your eggs as opposed to cracking them and making scrambled or eggs over easy then this is a tip that will be helpful to you.  When boiling your eggs to make hard boiled eggs add one tablespoon of vinegar to the water.  By adding a tablespoon of vinegar to the boiling eggs you will prevent the egg from spilling out if the egg cracks while boiling.  Eggs are less likely to crack when boiling if a tablespoon of vinegar is used so start adding that tablespoon of vinegar to your hard-boiled eggs, which will give you one perfect hard-boiled egg.  This is great when making hard-boiled eggs for Easter egg coloring.

French fries are a great tasting potato actually one of the most popular potato around the world.  If you are looking to add a different taste to your French fries you just might want to try using this tip to brighten up your French fries.  Simply splash the cooked French fries with apple cider vinegar and like magic your French fries has turned into a great tasting new dish.  You could splash your French fries with apple cider vinegar or pour the apple cider vinegar into a clean spray bottle then spray the cooked French fries with the vinegar, which will spread evenly over the fries with the spray bottle.

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