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Cleaning your walls has never been easier.  Using a simple homemade solution will have your walls clean in no time at all.  By cleaning your walls I mean paneling, stripping wallpaper and just regular painted walls.

Walls with noticeable marks and fingerprints will be removed with an easy to make solution made for under a dollar.  Even if you buy the cheapest cleaning solution you will end up having a few dollars involved.  Sometimes buying those expensive cleaning solutions do not work like they advertise they would.  So why go through all the expense and work of buying expensive cleaning solutions when you can make a solution right at home that works effectively and cost less than a dollar.  Are you wondering what could be so effective and economical to use on your wall?  A vinegar mixture is the answer to your wall clean up job.

The kitchen could be the hardest of all the walls you have to clean.  Since the kitchen walls may have a heavier build up of grease from cooking you will need to take one gallon of warm water, one cup of bottled ammonia, one-half cup of bottled vinegar and one-fourth cup of baking soda.  First, put the gallon of water into a scrub bucket then add all the other ingredients.  Mix all the ingredients well in the gallon of water and then prepare to scrub.  In just half the time you will have your walls spotless with this mixture since it is a very powerful cleaner.  I would suggest that you start at the bottom of your wall first then work your way up the wall.  If you do the reverse you may get run marks down your wall that may be very difficult to remove.

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