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Doing laundry seems like a never-ending job one of which you just can�t seem to get away from.  Other factors also seem to make this job an impossible task.  These days with the price of clothing soaring you want to be able to wash and dry them and make them look like new so you can get the most out of your money.  I hate when I do laundry only to find that something has faded on another item or two.  This not only ruins one item, but two or three items need to be discarded due to just one single piece of clothing.

I also hate when I put a new outfit on my children only to have them stain them up the first time they wear them.  After several ruined outfits I found a simple solution to both stains and runs in colors one of which is very inexpensive and simple to use.

With this simple and inexpensive solution you will have clothes that looks like they came straight from the store even after they have been stained up.  For just a few cents you can remove unwanted stains and keep colors from running.  For under a dollar, which is less money then, you would spend on spray stain removers, which could cost you a dollar or more and fails to work as good.  This solution that I speak of is a simple bottle of white vinegar.

Even if you sort your clothes it seems that color is somehow added to something white or white trim is added to something that is dark.  When this is the case the white part always seems to get faded by the dominant color.  Do you hate when this happens to your clothing?  I know I do but since I started using a white vinegar solution my clothes are beautiful and run free.  It is as simple as adding one cup of white vinegar to each load of laundry that you wish to set colors in without have the color run.  It is amazing how the color just sets in and allows the color to stay put.

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